Harry Kewell has four tattoos, one on his right hand/wrist,another on his left arm, one on his left bicep and one more along his lower waist. The tattoo on the right wrist is a tribal one whilst the intricate and colourful design on the left bicep are of Aztec warriors, and is meant to illustrate the Aztec's whole aspect of civilisation. Aztecs were indigenous people dominant in Central Mexico at the time of the Spanish invasion in 1519. On the lower part of his left arm is a rosary bead. Harry's tattoo along his waist is a bit hard to decipher but may include Chinese characters. Tattoos have been popular in the Kewell household with Harry's father Rod, a former merchant seaman, and brother Rod Jr both sporting tattoos. Harry's dad took him to a Sydney tattoo parlour when he was 16 to get his first tattoo. Regarding the Aztec tattoo, Harry said "I wanted a warrior who was staring at a demon but he's not scared of it...he's got a weapon, just in case. So it's like me confronting my fears and looking at that and thinking, 'This is what's in front of me now, deal with it.'" The shield and symbols represents his wife and his two oldest children. Harry says he got the idea from "English knights, they have their family crest and all that on their shields. And then obviously I have a god up here, the Aztec god that overlooks the whole thing, and then the pyramid, the time, date...then my youngest one, Matilda...".

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