Harry Kewell's Cars

Harry has had a number of cars over his career and here we stop to take a look inside his garage. Harry commented that "I tend to be very particular about my cars and do lots of homework before I buy one."

Hyundai 1.5 MVi Accent

Harry bought himself his first car when he was with Leeds - a Hyundai Accent. Harry recalls, "I thought it was a very good car. They were very popular in Australia at the time and my brother who lived there had one, so I bought one here in England."

BMW 3 Series

However, Kewell didn't stay with his Hyundai forever, choosing to upgrade to a BMW. "After the Hyundai, I had a BMW 3 Series, a good-looking car. That was when I was 22 and playing for Leeds."

Mercedes-Benz SL

Harry seems to cherish the SL, "I love my silver Mercedes-Benz SL. That is really a car for my wife and I. The SL is a sleek machine and has a soft top and is a very smart car. People often stop and stare at it."

Toyota Prius

Back in 2004, Harry was one of the first in the UK to be driving around in a Toyota Prius saying, "I like the Toyota Prius that I'm driving at the moment, a hybrid car that runs on petrol but which also has an electric motor. When Toyota found out that I liked cars they suggested that I try out the Prius and let them know what I thought of it. I agree that it isn't a typical footballer's car, and I did get quite a lot of stick for it from my team-mates when they saw it for the first time. But now I've explained to them a little bit more about how the car works and how it has all the latest technology they are more interested in it. It does 420 miles on one tank of fuel and has the best satellite navigation system I've come across. It's roomy and has a big boot, and it will get up and go."


On the BMW four wheel drive, Harry says "I also have a BMW X5 jeep for transporting the family about".

Hummer H3

In what was an upgrade from the BMW X5, Harry calls it the "family car" saying "We like to take this away when we go away on small trips, so like to London or the Lake District...we have all the kids in there, chuck the bags in the back and off we go."

Ford Mustang

Harry says the Mustang is "my everyday car which I take to work...nice 6 litre car, a beast as they call it". Supposedly his was the first of its type in England.

Porsche 911 Carrera

A long shout from the days of the Hyundai, Harry has a grey Carrera in the UK which he saves for sunny days "when this little baby comes out to play".

Range Rover




Volkswagen Passat

Harry drives a black Passat in Turkey because the drivers "are crazy".